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A secure smart contract for investors and projects.

  • More transparency
  • Increases project credibility
  • Reduces the chance of fraud and hacking
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About Secure ICO

It is possible to create a DeFi ecosystem, safe, reliable, transparent and free.

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How it was born

I am Felipe Martins, I am 27 years old, I work since I was 15 years old creating electronic systems and devices for people and companies in Brazil and in the world. Today I own a software house called Devel Blockchain. There we do several projects for companies using blockchain and smart contracts.

Since 2017 I have been working on a new cryptocurrency focused on scalability. When I was finally confident of showing my project to the world, but I came across a serious problem. How do I make my initial coin offer?

ICOs allow for an open and fair distribution, however many scams are made. They are no longer an option for serious projects.
IEOs are safer options, as the money is gradually released to the team, this reduces the risk of scam. However, there is a dark side to this modality that few see. To launch an IEO, it is necessary to have contacts within the exchange, pay an amount for the exchange to advertise your project and the sale of the coins is first made to a select group of investors and then to the general public. There are other options, but none really good.

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What is SICO

Secure Initial Coin Offering is a smart contract standard that interacts with a Dapp. It brings together the best of both worlds, ICOs and IEOs. It is a safe way for people to invest in serious projects. It reduces the risk of investors falling for scams, protects the amount collected from the currency variation, protects against hackers and increases the project's credibility.

If you have a good project, a committed team that wants to deliver everything it promises, SICO is for you! You will be able to carry out your ICO in a much more secure and transparent way for all parties. This will increase your chances of having a successful ICO.

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How it works

We generate an ERC20 contract and send the coins to another contract that pre-sells. Investors send coins for this contract and get their token back. When the money enters the contract it is converted into a stable coin and is stored in the contract. This money is sent to the team's wallet little by little. Before sending the money, an investor satisfaction survey is carried out using a Dapp. If the project is not complying with its road map, or investors lose confidence in the project, ie the satisfaction survey is far from desired, the contract sends the remaining stable coins back to investors.

Groups that wish to carry out scams will not present real results and investors will be able to get back part of the amount invested. This reduces the risk of investors.
At the same time, this mechanics requires greater commitment from the team that will execute the project. This can boost the project.
As investors will have reduced risk, this greatly increases the chance of ICO being successful.
Here are some rules of the smart contract:

● The ICO must have a start and end date.
● All money raised is free from market fluctuation, as cryptocurrencies are converted into a stable coin.
● The voting and sending of money takes place at predetermined periods. For example, every 6 months.
● The weight of the investor's vote is proportional to the number of coins he has.
● For a project to be canceled, at least 50% of the coins sold at ICO must enter the vote and the vote in favor of the cancellation must be greater than 60%.
● If the majority of investors vote in favor of the project, 80% for example, this can have a positive impact on the media and the rest of the world. This confirms the success of the team and the project. Having a favorable vote can bring new investors to the project.

How we do

See the three steps to using SICO


We create and publish your smart contract on the blockchain.


We created a Dapp for you and investors to follow and inetagate with the project.


We will display a SICO certificate of authenticity here on our website.

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These are the blockchains that we can create SICOs for your project.

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